Finally, four months after giving birth, I think I have finally got my Scrappy Mojo back!  This time, I prepared this card inspired by the wonderful sketch in the Bo Bunny May 2013 Card Challenge.  I made it using the Bo Bunny “Country Garden” collection, which was featured in one of the “My Creative Scrapbook” kits.


The title of the card was inspired by my husband.  I had a really crappy day at work yesterday, but he showed up after work with some sheep’s wool.  He said he went to a customer’s house and she had sheep in her property, so he told her that I liked spinning.  She was kind enough to gift him some roving for me.  My husband always surprises me with little presents like it, and when I ask him why, he always say “just ’cause”.  I hope you like my card!


Boy is it difficult to find some spare time to craft when you have several children!  I initially started this layout thinking that I was going to complete it for the Bo Bunny April 2013 layout challenge, but April flew right by.  Fortunately, Bo Bunny came up with a challenge which allowed me to reuse this layout.  The challenge was to use a book title as the layout title.  So I decided to title my layout “The Hayride years”  as in the Elvis Presley book.  Image

My son was 4 years old back then, and he used to love hayrides!  Now he is about to turn 7, and he still will ride on them, but he is not as excited.  Another sign that my little boy is turning into a little man 😦  I hope you like my layout.

I prepared this beautiful interpretation of the sketch provided as the March 2013 challenge for My Creative Sketches:


This is a picture of me and my son Daniel while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.  I love using stencils, so the Prima stencil that was included in the “My Creative Scrapbook” Main kit of the month for the month of March just hit the spot!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything.  This second pregnancy was quite rough on me, and having two children now has proven to be challenging.  But after almost two months of having my second child, Giorgio, I have finally found sometime to do some scrappin.  And what a better way to do a comeback than with “Country Garden”, a beautiful collection of Bo Bunny, which I received a few months ago in the kit of the month from My Creative Scrapbook.  Image

These are a couple of pictures from my oldest, Daniel, while I was gone on deployment to GTMO.  He was 3 back then, and now he is six.  I look at these pictures and I just don’t know where time went… next thing I know, he will probably be getting married 😦 Have a happy scrappy day!

Hello there! G.G. here with another layout, this time for the May Sketch challenge from My Creative Scrapbook.  You have no idea how many MCS kits I collected while I was gone in deployment.  It was really nice to get on the internet and see what the kits looked like, and knowing that they would be there when I would get back, but on the other hand it was kind of sad knowing that it was gonna be a few months until I could play with them.  Really sad times 😦 But that’s ok, deployment is done now, so I better catch up.  Here is the layout I created for this challenge:

I love creating Christmas layouts.  I have SO MANY Xmas pictures is not even funny! So every time I feel that I don’t have any “good” pictures to scrapbook, I go to the Xmas stash.  This picture is from Xmas 2011, while I was gone.  Yeah, it sucks, I didn’t get to spend Xmas with my family.  Hopefully this year it’s a different story.

Hello there! I am back to you with a really… let’s call it “challenging” challenge.  I love masks & stencils, and I do have a bunch of them, but I rarely use them.  Well, so when I ventured in this challenge I realized why! I remember I tried it a couple of times and the images from the masks came out like a big mess since all the mist ran through the mask into the back.  This time was no different of course, but it helped me realize that I need to practice a little more my “masking techniques”.  Here is what I came up with:

What?  You don’t see the masking?  If you see right underneath the big turquoise flower, you will see some green “spotting”… Yep, that was my attempt at masking with some new stencils from Prima.  The bottom part wasn’t too bad, that’s why I left it exposed, but the top was a big mess… That’s why I added some flowers.  Anyways, let this be a lesson learned that I need to practice more with my masks and stencils 😀

If you have been following my blog for a minute, it is no news to you that I LOVE BO BUNNY!  I received the “Alora” collection in one of my Little Red Scrapbook kits.  So this is what I created for the Bo Bunny May 2012 Card challenge:



The challenge was to use 3 different patterns of paper, 2 stickers (the letters), and 1 button.  I usually make cards for nearby holidays or birthdays (otherwise they just sit there, :)), but this time I don’t have anything going on until at least November.  Therefore I decided to make this “I love you” card for my hubby.  He loves it when I give him cards for no reason. Actually, he made me a little “atrium” by his night stand, where he displays all the cards I give him and some of my pictures.  I hope you like my card!

Hello all!  Today I am here to show you this layout I created with the “Alora” collection from Bo Bunny, for the Bo Bunny Blog May 2012 sketch challenge:


I used one of my Little Red Scrapbook kits (March 2012) which featured this really cute line.  Isn’t it adorable?  My son ALWAYS makes us read him a book before going to bed, so of course, we started with Disney, Winnie the Pooh… But as he grew up, he started acting up, so I figured books were the easiest way to get my message accross.  So now, we try reading him books that will teach him stuff.  Like, the latest books that we got him were The Berenstain Bears : Telling the Truth.  🙂  I would like to get the whole collection, but I figure I will start with the books that address the situations that he currently has shown.  Next on my list is Waldo, not because it teaches him anything, but because I like it myself :P.  See you next time!

It has been a while…A WHILE since I have posted in my blog.  I think the last time was August of last year, right before I went on deployment.  Obviously I am back. We had internet while underway (the wonders of technology!) but it was SO SLOW and a bunch of websites would not finish loading.  It was quite a challenge to keep up with clubs, online shopping, new releases… I missed them so much! But 7 months went by and I am back on shore.  What it seemed like an eternity away from my boys, now is just a nightmare long gone… Although I may have to relive my nightmare again soon :/ I think that’s another reason why I am not scrapping as much lately, because I want to spend as much of my free time with my family. But I also need my creative outlet, so I still need some scrappy time.  So here is what I did for the April 2012 challenge of “My Creative Sketches”, a new blog from My Creative Scrapbook.

And I say new because they started just as I went off on deployment, around August 2011.  I love My Creative Scrapbook, in fact, I must admit I have a subscription to pretty much all of their kits (except one, but that’s just not to feel completely guilty 🙂 ).  Can I imagine my life with only one of their kits?  No. I tried for a little while, but I always found myself drooling over the other ones, so I finally decided to subscribe to almost all of them 🙂  Anyways, I hope you like my layout.  It feels good to be home!

Hello all,

This will probably be my last post for a while.  As we speak, I am packing all my stuff to go on deployment on board the USS Stennis tomorrow.  These last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me and my family, and through so many mixed emotions, I really felt I had to scrapbook.   Leaving my sweet boy for 7 months, my beautiful new home, and the beautiful Washington State really moved my scrapbooking mojo, and I think I was able to create some beautiful pieces.

I don’t know if I will be able to scrapbook onboard the ship.  Life is very busy there, but just in case, I have bought some storage supplies that will help me get by.  I just have to get there, and then hubby already has directions on what to pack 🙂

Anyways, all sorrow set aside, here is my take on the Sweet Peach Crop Shop August Sketch 1:

For this layout I used SPCS Juicy Themed June Kit.  I still remember when I took this picture, my son was barely learning how to walk, and he already had this HUGE sense of independence. It seems like yesterday when he was this little, and now he looks like a giant when we go to the playgrounds 🙂

Now, a note to my dear reader Adele: Thank you so much for your kind words.  Due to anti-terrorist measures I cannot disclose exactly where my ship is going, but it will be in the Western Pacific Ocean.  Like you said, I also hope it goes by quick.  Usually it’s not too bad for me, because I get to leave and have new experiences.  However, the real hero here is my husband, who gets to take care of my son by himself.  He is my rock, and he is the one who gets to an empty home every day.  He is the one that wakes up in the middle of the night, and gets to stare to my empty side of the bed.  He is the one that walks in my crafts room to see all my stuff and there is nobody in my chair.  He is the one that has to make up answers to my son’s questions.  Believe it or not, I think he’s got the hardest part.

Thank you very much guys, and I’ll see you soon.