I must admit I am guilty of always using 4×6 pictures, so I figured this challenge will be… well, you know, really challenging.  I had some big printouts from pictures my husband used to send when I was deployed in GTMO, so I figured this would be a good chance to put them to use.  Here is my take:

For this layout I used the Sweet Peach Crop Shop Sweet Featured kit for the month of July.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  This is one of my favorite layouts, I don’t know if it’s because the picture is so big or because of the little musical signs in the paper.  Really cute!


I know I have been gone for a while, but as you may know I have moved cross country.  We moved from Connecticut to Washington State, and although everything went pretty smooth, it still kept us busy. I think we are kind of settled now, but the fact that I have to leave on deployment don’t help.  In between all this craziness, I had really been craving scrapbooking, so once I was all moved in, I decided to re-join Sweet Peach Crop Shop Kit club.  So the first challenge I tried was the “Try it Thursday – Altering Photos”, and here is my take on it:



The challenge was to alter the photo.  In the blog, Julie recommended using Fotoflexer, and that’s what I used.  Since I was talking about my perfect world, I decided to blur the corners, to give the viewer the impression of a dream.  Also, I changed it to grayscale in order to give it a more vintage look.  For this layout I used the Sweet Peach Crop Shop Main Kit for August.

You all probably know I am in the military, so it’s hard for me leaving my child behind every time I have to go on a deployment.  That’s why I say that would be my perfect world, just being next to my child every day that goes by.  Maybe some day…

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but the whole coast to coast move is very time consuming!  We are moving from Groton, CT to Bremerton, WA at the end of July, so we are in the middle of arranging packaging of household goods, trying to decide if we are going to ship one of the cars, what route are we going to take over there, etc.  I am really excited to see other places, but it is very stressful as well 🙂

Also, the funniest thing happened to me the other day.  I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my Japanese Chin has a thing for biting my laptop AC power adaptor.  He bit to death mine first, and I had to buy a new one at Best Buy. Then he broke my mom’s while she was pet sitting him.  So, the other day I went to use my laptop and it was not working.  My husband use one of her “electricity transmitter” gadgets, and he said the power adaptor was not working.  My puppy had chewed a little bit of the cable, but not that much that it seemed damaged.  Anyways, someone had to be blamed and of course it was Humpy (that’s my Japanese Chin).   The next day I went to Best Buy to see if they would replace the AC power adaptor, and thanks goodness they did.  Afterwards I went back home, and I was getting ready to use my computer after such a long time (it was just 1 day, but it seemed like an eternity!) just to discover that it would NOT work, not even with the new adaptor!!!  OH NO!!!!!  So here I am, all stressed out, because now on top of everything else, I have to buy a new computer. My husband came over, we took the battery out like 4 or 5 times, and it just would not work.

The following dayI am getting psychologically ready to buy a new computer (because I just can’t live without it), and an inside voice told me “Gigi, just go get your computer checked by the Geek squad, and hopefully they will be able to fix it for less than $200”.  So I went to the Geek Squad, and as soon as I get to the rep, I asked him “How much is it just for the diagnosis?”, and he said “$70, and that’s just to see what’s wrong with it”.  GULP!  So I am about to take my laptop and walk away, but he had already started to disassembled it.  GREAT!  Anyways, so I am thinking I’ll just pay the $70 and then I am buying another computer because this one is old… And the rep just gave me this crazy look.  He turned around my laptop, and it was working!!!  He told me “it was just asleep.  You know Ma’am, that happens sometimes”.  Feeling as stupid as I could, I am just thinking to myself “Of course I know that computers go into sleep mode”, and tried to unsuccessfully defend myself by saying “Sir, I swear, my husband and I tried that like 5 times and it would NOT work”.  He just gave me THE LOOK.  Priceless!!!

Anyways, so I am back for the Bo Bunny Tuesday Card Challenge.  I used the Gabrielle Collection (which I am almost out of) to make this beautiful “Thank you” card:

Have a great week!


This week’s  Try it Thursdays challenge was about using a circle in your layout and make it pop.  I’ve done this before, but everytime I want to make my circles pop I always use ribbons.  This time I decided I wanted to use something different.  Here is my take on the challenge:

So I used brads!  Genius, uh?  Ok, maybe not genius, but new.  I always like trying new techniques.  Some I use just one time, but the ones I like I use them over and over and over. For this layout I used the Sweet Peach Crop Shop May  Juicy kit.

This picture was somewhere in California.  My husband and I always talk about buying a motorcycle, but we always decide not to.  It’s very dangerous,  and we don’t want to put our lives at risk.  It doesn’t matter how good of a motorcycle driver you are, the fact that there is not a hard structure to protect you scares me.  So when I saw this motorcycle, I just knew I had to play silly. So I did 🙂 This layout is in honor of the motorcycle I will ever want and will never have.

Bo Bunny provided a wonderful sketch once again for their Friday Layout Challenge.  Here is my take on it:

I found this pic from when my son was just 4 months old.  Usually when I scrapbook pics of my son, I use boy-ish colors, and try to avoid using flowers.  However, the young, tender age he is on this picture is ideal to use some flowers and butterflies.  And those butterflies in the Bo Bunny Gabrielle collection reminded me of how time flew by.  He will be turning 5 years old in just 4 more months.  Where did time go?  Next thing I know, he’ll probably be getting married 🙂

Me? Love Flowers?  YOU BET I DO!!! If I could I would put flowers in ALL my layouts, no exceptions!  But there are a lot of men in my life.  Actually most of the stuff I do is for men, so sometimes flowers are out of the question.  So everytime I get a chance to create something for a lady, I get really excited!  No need to think how to “avoid” the girlieness in my projects. 

This time it was all a happy coincidence.  Bo Bunny had just posted their Tuesday card challenge in which we had to use flowers.  That same day, my lieutenant’s girlfriend sent me a pair of white uniform pants that she accidentally purchased (long story… she is an officer and she bought the enlisted personnel pants).  Anyways, it was meant to be, so I created this little “Thank you” card for her:

For this card I used the Bo Bunny Timepiece collections, plus some prima flowers and bling.  I really liked how this card came out.  Do you know how I determine whether my project is good?  If it’s something I would like to receive myself 🙂

This week’s Try it Thursday challenge was to use something from the letters in SPRING.  Here is a list of what I used:

Stickers: Bubbles

Pin: Star in the title

Ribbon: For the stitching

Ink: Journaling… a lot of it

Numbers: For the title

Green: The buttons in the bubbles

Here is my take on the challenge:

I know, I know… I guess the theme was supposed to be “Spring” as well right?  Well, if there is something I’ve learned from other scrapbookers is to be flexible with “mistakes”, colors, and… I guess themes for challenges.   Scrapbooking is my creative outlet, so I don’t sweat the small stuff. 

For this layout I used my May sweet featured kit.  Even though the colors of the kit were “summery”, I just couldn’t find the right beach pictures.  So I came accross these pictures from the pool at our Resort in New Hampshire, and I tought they matched perfectly with the teals in the papers.  Once again, the story repeated itself.  When I first saw this kit, I wasn’t sure I was going to love it.  However, after I received it, I realized the colors complimented a lot of my pictures.  Another reason why you gotta love clubs, they push you outside your comfort zone to make you try things you wouldn’t try on your own… with marvelous results!

Could you believe I’ve been in the States for almost 7 years now, and I still didn’t know what do they call a “tweet”? So my 4 year old heard me repeating “tweet, tweet” as I was typing on the Google search, and then he said: “Mama, why you doing like a birdie?”.  Then I asked him what did he mean, and he explained that’s what they call the birdies… Yes, we learned something everyday… even from 4 year olds.

Anyways, so after such lesson from my son, I went to look for a bird in my Unity stash, and here is what I came up with:

The stamp is from the February 2011 KOM, and I used Bo Bunny’s Timepiece collection.

This is a new Unity challenge.  You have to use one of their kits of the month to create any project.  This time I used the roses in their March 2011 KOM.  The perfect match?  Unity and the cheery colors of Echo Park’s “Little Girl”:

For the longest time I was taking pics of my projects and then uploading them in my computer.  Now I have discovered I can scan my projects, so I’ll be doing that from now on.  No wonder they say that with time comes wisdom… even in scrapbooking 🙂

I created the following layout with Bo Bunny Gabrielle’s line:

The challenge was to use stamping and stitching.  As you can see, I used stitching at the top and bottom of the picture to, kind of, frame it.  Then I use some Unity stamps to add even more butterflies in a color slightly darker than the paper, and I also used stamping for the title. 

I was watching an episode of “Scrapbook Memories” and I read that to get your pictures to “pop”, you should use complementary colors to the ones in your picture.  In order to do this, I pulled an old color wheel that I use for dyeing fibers, and I think I was able to achieve that effect.  The picture really pops from the layout!