Hello there! I am back to you with a really… let’s call it “challenging” challenge.  I love masks & stencils, and I do have a bunch of them, but I rarely use them.  Well, so when I ventured in this challenge I realized why! I remember I tried it a couple of times and the images from the masks came out like a big mess since all the mist ran through the mask into the back.  This time was no different of course, but it helped me realize that I need to practice a little more my “masking techniques”.  Here is what I came up with:

What?  You don’t see the masking?  If you see right underneath the big turquoise flower, you will see some green “spotting”… Yep, that was my attempt at masking with some new stencils from Prima.  The bottom part wasn’t too bad, that’s why I left it exposed, but the top was a big mess… That’s why I added some flowers.  Anyways, let this be a lesson learned that I need to practice more with my masks and stencils 😀