It has been a while…A WHILE since I have posted in my blog.  I think the last time was August of last year, right before I went on deployment.  Obviously I am back. We had internet while underway (the wonders of technology!) but it was SO SLOW and a bunch of websites would not finish loading.  It was quite a challenge to keep up with clubs, online shopping, new releases… I missed them so much! But 7 months went by and I am back on shore.  What it seemed like an eternity away from my boys, now is just a nightmare long gone… Although I may have to relive my nightmare again soon :/ I think that’s another reason why I am not scrapping as much lately, because I want to spend as much of my free time with my family. But I also need my creative outlet, so I still need some scrappy time.  So here is what I did for the April 2012 challenge of “My Creative Sketches”, a new blog from My Creative Scrapbook.

And I say new because they started just as I went off on deployment, around August 2011.  I love My Creative Scrapbook, in fact, I must admit I have a subscription to pretty much all of their kits (except one, but that’s just not to feel completely guilty 🙂 ).  Can I imagine my life with only one of their kits?  No. I tried for a little while, but I always found myself drooling over the other ones, so I finally decided to subscribe to almost all of them 🙂  Anyways, I hope you like my layout.  It feels good to be home!