I know I haven’t posted in a while, but the whole coast to coast move is very time consuming!  We are moving from Groton, CT to Bremerton, WA at the end of July, so we are in the middle of arranging packaging of household goods, trying to decide if we are going to ship one of the cars, what route are we going to take over there, etc.  I am really excited to see other places, but it is very stressful as well 🙂

Also, the funniest thing happened to me the other day.  I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my Japanese Chin has a thing for biting my laptop AC power adaptor.  He bit to death mine first, and I had to buy a new one at Best Buy. Then he broke my mom’s while she was pet sitting him.  So, the other day I went to use my laptop and it was not working.  My husband use one of her “electricity transmitter” gadgets, and he said the power adaptor was not working.  My puppy had chewed a little bit of the cable, but not that much that it seemed damaged.  Anyways, someone had to be blamed and of course it was Humpy (that’s my Japanese Chin).   The next day I went to Best Buy to see if they would replace the AC power adaptor, and thanks goodness they did.  Afterwards I went back home, and I was getting ready to use my computer after such a long time (it was just 1 day, but it seemed like an eternity!) just to discover that it would NOT work, not even with the new adaptor!!!  OH NO!!!!!  So here I am, all stressed out, because now on top of everything else, I have to buy a new computer. My husband came over, we took the battery out like 4 or 5 times, and it just would not work.

The following dayI am getting psychologically ready to buy a new computer (because I just can’t live without it), and an inside voice told me “Gigi, just go get your computer checked by the Geek squad, and hopefully they will be able to fix it for less than $200”.  So I went to the Geek Squad, and as soon as I get to the rep, I asked him “How much is it just for the diagnosis?”, and he said “$70, and that’s just to see what’s wrong with it”.  GULP!  So I am about to take my laptop and walk away, but he had already started to disassembled it.  GREAT!  Anyways, so I am thinking I’ll just pay the $70 and then I am buying another computer because this one is old… And the rep just gave me this crazy look.  He turned around my laptop, and it was working!!!  He told me “it was just asleep.  You know Ma’am, that happens sometimes”.  Feeling as stupid as I could, I am just thinking to myself “Of course I know that computers go into sleep mode”, and tried to unsuccessfully defend myself by saying “Sir, I swear, my husband and I tried that like 5 times and it would NOT work”.  He just gave me THE LOOK.  Priceless!!!

Anyways, so I am back for the Bo Bunny Tuesday Card Challenge.  I used the Gabrielle Collection (which I am almost out of) to make this beautiful “Thank you” card:

Have a great week!