Well, I gotta tell you something… I WON THE MARCH SKETCH CHALLENGE at Sweet Peach Crop Shop!!!  I am so excited!  I usually don’t win stuff, but I play the challenges anyways because I… like to be challenged 🙂  YAY!!! Prizes!!!!


Just a little bit.  I told you I like challenges, right?  So I prepared this layout for the “Sweet” title challenge from Sweet Peach Crop Shop:

For this layout I used Sweet Peach Crop Shop’s Sweet Featured Kit. 

You know, Sweet Peach Crop Shop always sends its kits in this cute paper bags (I guess they are pretty standard, but they are sealed with stickers, so I think that’s kind of cute) & I read once that they liked seeing how we could use those paper bags in our layouts… So I cut a stripe from the opening of the bag, squeeze it to give it the wrinkly look, and then adhere it to the top of my layout.  To make it compliment the rest of my layout, I teared a little opening towards the left, added a little bling and a little bird.  Success!!!